About Barbara

Barbara Hettle
College Admissions Consultant

  • Provides college consulting services to a diverse group of students including public, private, and homeschooled.
  • 10 years as an educational consultant, with a proven track record guiding hundreds of families through high school and college admissions planning
  • Graduate College Counseling Certificate from UCLA
  • Member of Higher Education Consultants of America
  • Wide ranging education experience including curriculum developer, homeschool parent, and college instructor

What I Do: I support families as they navigate college admissions. My approach is to cut through the information overload and offer clear and realistic guidance. I help identify your student’s strengths and design strategies to build a strong high school profile, including extracurricular activities, academics, and testing.

What I Believe: College admissions is increasingly complex, and many families benefit from getting expert guidance through this process. Too often these days, admissions is seen as a game with the prize being the most prestigious school possible. My goal is different. I believe students need to look for schools that are truly a good fit–academically, socially, philosophically, and financially. For some students, this may be a highly selective school, or it might be a state university, a religious college, a research university, an art school, a tech school, or a small liberal arts college.

How I Work: I provide customized services designed to meet the individual goals of families. To meet the needs of different families, I offer hourly and comprehensive services. You may choose to receive help with just a single aspect of educational planning, or you may opt for more comprehensive guidance.  My consulting model is convenient for families and uses a combination of video meetings by Zoom and email. I enjoy working with teens and helping families with educational planning.

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