Hettle College Consulting helped me figure out how to better tell my story and find my voice in the college process. Timely responses, useful and honest advice, and a willingness to listen all made my experience a great one!    Jack, student in North Carolina

“It looks like my college application process has finally come to an end, and I couldn’t be happier with the result! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and putting up with procrastination; I’m sure this would never have happened without your help.”  Andy, student in California

“Barbara to the rescue!!! Last summer I contacted Barbara from a place of worry and fear – the college selection and application process seemed so overwhelming and the news articles made it seem very difficult. Barbara provided us with the needed information and tools to help my son find a great college. He applied to 10 colleges, was accepted into 9 of them – and all of them offered him excellent merit scholarships. I can honestly say he never would have had these opportunities without Barbara’s help – and I am extremely grateful we found her (great investment!). Barbara was always available to answer emailed questions and provide good feedback (e.g. reading essays and suggesting better approaches). She stays up to date on changes at the colleges and provides helpful insight into that world. It was very reassuring to have her expertise and practical advice to rely on. Thank you from a grateful parent!!!”  Esther, parent in Texas

“Barbara was easily the most helpful and influential person in my college process. She helped me shape my list of colleges to apply to, and also helped me determine what qualities I was looking for in a college, something I wasn’t even sure about myself. Her essay help was clear and personal, and it was apparent that she knows the college process well and wants you to look as good as possible to admissions boards. I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but even when I was cutting it close to deadlines, Barbara responded swiftly to my questions and supported me through the final days. After the results of the process, Barbara helped me decide which college was the best fit for me, and I’m proud of the school I will be attending! I’m so thankful for the help and support Barbara provided me – she kept me grounded and thoughtful throughout the year-long journey and I would highly recommend her to any high schooler who wants their college application to shine!”  Carter, student in California

“I just wanted to thank you for all the help you gave us, and especially our daughter, in the college process. She said the other day that you were invaluable because you got her to DEAL with the whole process when she was avoiding it and we were getting frustrated with her over that. And that was obviously the crucial first step. But from my perspective, you also helped us figure out the caliber of school she should be targeting, gave her invaluable guidance on the essay, and helped connect her with the ideal extracurricular she’s loving so much we can barely get her to stay home. She was admitted to her reach schools and offered large merit scholarships at several schools.  Her college choice will allow her to be well prepared for med school and she will be graduating college debt-free.”    Meredith, parent in Maryland

“We were very pleased with Barbara’s services, so much so that we used her for both of our children. It was nice to have a neutral third-party assist in the process. We felt that we maximized their college choices and ultimately found ones that were the best fit for them.”  Marie, parent in Illinois

“”Barbara is calm, positive, and encouraging. She is smart and knows college admissions inside and out. We are 100% pleased with this service!”   Sarah, parent in Texas

“Barbara was an indispensable resource for me as a parent and for my son as we navigated the increasingly complicated process of college application. From creating an initial list of possible options through to acceptance, Barbara was there as much or as little as needed at different points throughout the process. We were hit with an unexpected bump at the end of the road which she handled with confidence, experience, and good humor. Ultimately, we were all thrilled with the final outcome as the perfect fit for our son. In fact, we have already begun initial work with her for our daughter, a high school freshman. There is no way a high school college counselor can compare with the individual attention from an expert like Barbara.”  Kate, parent in Connecticut

“We are recommending you to all our friends. The school guidance office offered no help and we were clueless about where to start. You helped us with planning for classes and testing and answered every single question we had about applications. We are thrilled Jacob was admitted to most of the schools on his list including two of his three reach schools. We could not have done it without you.” Brenda, parent in North Carolina

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