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Interested in learning more about college admissions, college planning, and college costs? Here are a few resources from Hettle College Consulting to get you started.

College admissions have changed dramatically in the last twenty five years. Find out the latest:  10 Ways College Admissions Have Changed 

Do you know how much college costs? Do you have an estimate of what financial aid or merit scholarships your student may receive? Here’s an overviewCollege Costs: What to Expect and How to Plan

Making the right choices early in high school can help prepare your student to be successful in college admissions and scholarships. These simple steps should help:  Early High School Planning Guide

There are an overwhelming number of resources online about college admissions. To save you time we’ve compiled a list of the most useful sites. Here’s what you need for test registration, test preparation, financial aid and college admissions information: Online Resources

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